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     As cleaners go, those from Carpet Cleaning Services Kingston Vale were pretty perfect. I was thrilled with every aspect of the service and their conduct throughout.
Jenna J19/05/2020
     When I hired them for upholstery cleaning, I had no idea our furniture would look this amazing afterwards! Our sofa looks like new! No wonder they're so highly recommended!
S. Preston20/09/2019
     Reasonably-priced and fast! Used their spring cleaning service and got an immaculate home in no time at all! Would certainly use Carpet Cleaning Services Kingston Vale again!
W. Lewin10/03/2017
     Great job, Kingston Vale Carpet Cleaning Company! Whenever I need a rug cleaning service again, I know who to call.
     I was over the moon with the office cleaning service I hired from Carpet Cleaning Kingston Vale. I had tried to deal with the cleaning myself, but found I was not doing a good enough job simply because I couldn't put aside enough time each day. Hiring assistance was the only way forward, and when I came across this company I knew I had to give them the opportunity. I now have a cleaner come every morning to empty bins, polish, vacuum in the offices and reception area, and clean the bathroom and kitchen area. The cost is affordable and the cleaners are prompt and competent.
     These guys are actually as good as their website says, which is rare... When I called KingstonValeCarpetCleaners and explained the requirements of my business (animal kennels) they had everything they needed to-go, and the cleaners arrived the next day. Not only were they familiar with types of products you need to clean professional animal kennels, the cleaners were also very good at the job, and for the price, I really can't fault them. I only wish that I'd come across them before, as some services either come along unprepared or aren't familiar with the types of procedures required, so all in all, 5 stars from here!
Alina G.23/10/2014
     I've had leather seats, office chairs and sofas in my house for as long as I can remember, but they always ended up cracking and dehydrating, even if I sprayed them and conditioned them with my own leather conditioner. When I did a quick internet search, I discovered why, thanks to KingstonValeCarpetCleaners and their very informative website. These solutions offer a short term respite, whereas what it was that I really needed was a deep upholstery clean. I called up their team and made an appointment, someone came round that day! The service was excellent, and the price remarkably cheap for the detail and precision of the work, definitely using these cleaners again!
     The worry that I always had about hiring cleaners was that it would make me lazy. I was putting it off for so long until I realised that I was just wasting so much time on the problem that it really wasn't good for me. Thankfully, the help which I'm now able to get from KingstonValeCarpetCleaners has really opened my eyes. They've shown me exactly what I stand to gain by hiring in a bit of help and it's really been the opposite that's true. Rather than lazy, I find that I've got so much more time to myself.
Judith Cooper04/06/2014
     I used to clean my daughter's home every week, she and her partner work fulltime and I take the kids to school for her and then I would go and clean her home for her, to help her out. Lately my arthritis has flared up again and my mobility has been restricted meaning I couldn't do much to help so I mentioned that I had heard of this company KingstonValeCarpetCleaners who clean for people who have busy lifestyles and she tried them. I've also seen they work they have done and I must say we both are very impressed, I also use them myself now too.
Janice Y.08/05/2014
     Every couple of months or so, I get KingstonValeCarpetCleaners round to do a full house clean. I tend to do most of the cleaning myself, but these larger cleans are always a much more thorough affair, that will get the place looking absolutely spotless, and let me be a little lazier with the housework! The company are always fantastic, and I am sure that they are undercharging, as they are so much quicker than I would have ever expected! Seriously good deals and a great clean, what more could I ask for!?
Ruth Howard07/01/2014

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